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AR Filter

We provide design services, including the designs for Augmented Reality (AR), Instagram filters, Facebook filters, and AR games. We can insert virtual effects onto the faces and other body parts.
You can easily reach your target customers through AR filters. They can also be applied in many ways
to make your work exciting and fun and we can customize product contents for your brands.
For example, we may create a program which randomizes some funny phrases to appear on a customer’s face, 
a game to collect points, randomize gifts or coupons, a program which can change a customer’s face into cartoon characters, a Target Tracking program, with which a customer directs his/her phone camera at any products
with your brand logo and some fun features relevant to your brand appears on the camera,
and we may make a 3D simulation for your brands.
These features can be used to make a launch of your marketing campaign or your new collections more gripping.
AR filters can definitely be a perfect marketing strategy to build brand awareness.
Screenshot 2021-01-14 21.33.58.png
Screenshot 2021-01-14 21.42.46.png
Screenshot 2021-01-14 21.43.06.png
Screenshot 2021-01-14 21.48.59.png
AR filters can be used to interact with people and increase a chance for you to reach your target group. That’s why they are so popular and trendy now. Considering the number of IG story users worldwide,
AR filters became famous among many brands. You can also track the number of followers and
users’ feedback like the number of impressions, reach, and share.

If you are interested or looking for a new effective marketing channel for your brand,
this could be your answer! Please contact us and we are ready to support you.